Group Classes

A foundation course in body-mindfulness and postural well-being

Group classes are a great way of learning the basics of the Technique, and some people use them as a foundation to go more deeply in individual lessons.

The course consists of eight group sessions, and a 40-minute individual lesson for each participant.

During the course you will learn:

  • Body mapping – how knowledge of the structure and function of our bodies
    will help build core strength
  • The links between mind and body
  • Increasing our awareness of our habits, and how we can start to change them
  • Key principles of the Alexander Technique
  • Rediscovering our natural ‘good use’ to reduce or prevent aches and pains
  • Easier movement, breathing, voice and vision
  • Simple exercises and experiments to practise at home
  • Tips and pointers for safer sitting, walking and lifting

All supported with hand-outs, activities and games, plus hands-on experience of the Technique in a full length one-to-one lesson

There is also an opportunity to book further individual lessons at a discounted price if you would like to do so

To book, call or email
Sandra Riddell (MSTAT)

0131 446 3663

Students’ comments

“This is an extremely interesting path, demands commitment but gives hope. “
“I’ve come to see it as a powerful technique that is really tackling the root causes of my migraine. Much the best method I’ve tried. “
“It (Alexander Technique) is brilliant! Thank you for this life-changing opportunity “
“I was interested in what the Technique could do for my back, but was worried about it being ‘hippyish’. This has confirmed it isn’t and can be very practically employed. “
“Learning some of the background philosophy to the Technique (reinforced through the reading materials I borrowed), alongside the practical work, changed my perceptions of it. “
“There is much more to it than I originally thought (in a good way!), it is much more wide reaching., ie useful in many more ways.“
“My injury is becoming less and less of a problem.“
“The classes helped to show just how weak some of my postural muscles, and where muscle building work is needed. “
“The course has been tailored around realistically putting the theory into everyday practice.”
“Backache rarely troubles me now if I remember to put Alexander thinking into practice”
“The discussions and people’s observations on their habits and how they have approached the Technique from week to week were very useful. “
“The one-to-one session was an important part of the learning, a bonus not offered by other classes.”
“I liked the structured approach, the clarity of delivery of information, the sense conveyed of the lived reality and potential of the technique.”
“The course was inspiring”
“Watching and learning alongside others has helped me understand it better.”
“You have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, your knowledge of anatomy is impressive!“
“It’s been helpful and fascinating – one of the best things I’ve done.”

Workshops or group classes can also be arranged for organisations, for example: office staff, teachers, actors, musicians, members of community groups … Call or email me to discuss your needs.