Body mindfulness in activity

Whatever problem or interest has brought you to the Technique, you begin by learning to recognise and release unnecessary tensions, many of which have been unconscious. You also re-build strength in the body’s postural systems which effortlessly keep us upright. As you learn to apply the technique in daily life, movement and activities will become more light and easy, and you will find you can work and play with less stress and more energy. Pain and problems which are caused or exacerbated by tension and misuse of the body are often relieved. As you increase your ‘body-mindfulness’ you may find other benefits such as improved attention and general well-being, bringing a new awareness, interest and enjoyment to your day-to-day activities.

A course of lessons in the Alexander Technique will help you learn to look after yourself in your daily life. ATEAM Randomised controlled trial for patients with chronic low back pain.

Significant long-term benefit for low back pain from Alexander Technique lessons has been demonstrated in a major study published by the British Medical Journal.  More information at Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons can be started at any time, see Lessons for more information.

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Group classes

Group classes are an enjoyable and economical way of learning how to be more at ease in your body.

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Workshops or group classes can also be arranged for organisations, for example: office staff, teachers, actors, musicians, members of community groups …