Sandra Riddell

Having worked in health education I discovered Alexander Technique to be a fascinating and effective way of helping with foot and knee problems which I had developed over the years. I qualified as a teacher of the Technique after three years training at the Cumbria Alexander Training School, and I am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique - STAT

I work with people of all ages and levels of fitness who are interested in finding a way to improve their own health and well-being. I find that people benefit greatly, as I have, from increasing their understanding of ‘body-mapping’ - how our bodies are designed to move and work all through our lives with strength and ease, how we habitually interfere with this natural good use, and how we can begin to restore the freedom and flexibility which we had as children. The Technique wonderfully complements other activities which I enjoy, such as walking, chi-gung and meditation, and I have found that eventually, the increased awareness that this work gives can help us to make better choices about how we respond to the stresses of life, so that it underlies and enhances all that we do.

I have a good selection of books and CDs on the Technique and related subjects available for loan or purchase by those who are interested.

If you would like to talk about whether lessons could benefit you, or need any other information, please do call or email me. 

Sandra Riddell  MSTAT

Phone 0131 446 3663
  07879 635 852

Lessons take place at 2/5 Meadowspot, EH10 5UW, see here for map.

'Into Spring' image by kind permission of Laura Higgins Palmer